What Medical Billing Service Providers Can Do For You.

  • Free up your staff members so they can focus more on what you hired them to do in the first place – patient care.
  • Reduce billing errors – MedBill stand a better chance at submitting your claim more accurately and in a timely manner, this is because it is our responsibility to hire highly trained and knowledgeable staff members.
  • Save money – hiring MedBill can save your practice thousands of Rands in office supplies, purchasing, maintaining, upgrading billing software and related equipment. These are savings that can be reallocated towards salaries and benefits.
  • Improved patient satisfaction – offering efficient billing services is the responsibility of reputable practitioner. Partnering with MedBill will take this burden off the shoulders of a practitioner and consequently improve patient satisfaction in the process.
  • Collection Service – we have the ability to collect amounts due from patients through our Super Efficient Collection Service.

We specialise in the following medical billing services, but not limited to:

OBGYN Billing Services

Partner with MedBill and benifit from our extensive experience in Obstetrician and Gynaecology Billing and Coding Services.

Medical Billing Services

Offering medical billing services to gynaecologists and obstetricians alike for over 3 decades makes MedBill a trusted billing and collection company to partner with.

NEUROLOGIST Billing Services

Neurologists working with MedBill know it’s a no brainer when choosing a medical billing service.

Medical Billing Company

Here at MedBill, we believe that as a professional medical billing company, we are small enough to care and big enough to make a big difference. Go With MedBill…

PHYSICIAN Billing Services

Using MedBill’s practitioner billing service will increase cash flow, net patient revenue through billing and coding efficiency.

Physician Billing

At MedBill our focus is to improve collections and collect from hard-to-collect payers. We Will Get You Paid – While You Save Face.

CARDIOLOGIST Billing Services

Having to cope with advancement of cardiac care standards, physicians rarely find time and resources that can manage billing and coding of their services.

Cardiology Billing

At MedBill our specialist medical coders’ extensive coverage of billing and coding for cardiology specialities sets us apart from the rest.

RADIOLOGY Billing Services

Radiology medical billing requires significant knowledge of CPT codes and appropriate modifiers.

Radiology Billing

As radiologists, you may be bound by diagnostic priorities that limit your exposure to medical billing. So let our medical billers eliminate delays, denial, or resubmission of resubmission of claims.


The mandatory reporting – using appropriate modifiers, time units for actual administration, prevalent stringent coding and privacy norms – has begun to take a heavy toll on Anaesthesiologists.

Anesthesiologist Billing

MedBill can help increase your revenue with guaranteeing the reduction in the number of denied and unpaid claims.